The Land of Dawn: Mobile Legends Roger Simple Guide

Roger! The Land of Dawn! Whether you’re an experienced Mobile Legends player or just starting out, learning how to play like Roger can make your game better. We’ll talk about the best fight spells, emblems, and build for Roger in this short guide. Join us as we talk about simple moves and combos that will make you a Mobile Legends hero!

The Land of Dawn: How to Pick Your Battle Spell

Retribution: Your Powerhouse in the Jungle

Choose the Retribution battle spell when you’re Roger in the woods. It helps you get rid of jungle camps faster, which makes it easier to get things and level up. You can also pick between Bloody Retribution and Ice Retribution. Bloody Retribution will chase enemies and steal their health. When you’re in the side lane, Execute is a good way to finish off tough enemies.

The Land of Dawn: Picking Out the Right Emblem

Assassin’s Creed: Getting Better Weapons

Opting for the Assassin emblem will give your adaptive penetration, adaptive attack, and movement speed a nice boost. To make a change early on, use Rupture as your first talent. Seasoned Hunter makes you more useful as a jungler, and Festival of Blood makes you great for side lane play by giving your skills spell vamp. If you want to get extra health and move faster after killing someone, choose Killing Spree as your main talent.

Getting Roger Ready for Battle

Beyond, Windtalker, Swift Boots, and More

Roger needs to be made into a strong enemy on the battlefield. If you like to play aggressively, Swift Boots are great, and Tough Boots are useful against teams that do a lot of magic damage. With Windtalker, your early attack speed goes up, which makes your Full Moon Curse passive better. Items like Hunter Strike, Endless Battle, and either Malefic Roar or Blade of Despair will help you keep attacking. Pick a useful item like the Brute Force Breastplate or the Rose Gold Meteor for the finishing touch.

Simple Ways to Succeed

Maximizing Skills for Dominance in the Jungle

Make the most of your human and wolf forms whether you’re jungleling or side-laning. As a jungler, you should focus on leveling up skill one so that you can clear camps faster. You can quickly move between bush camps with your second skill. When you’re human, use Open Fire on a creep to select it. Then, turn into a wolf and use Lycan Pounce, Bloodthirsty Howl, and basic attacks. Turn back into a person and use Hunter’s Steps to get to the next camp. To get rid of lane enemies, use the same combo.

To deal with enemy heroes, start with Open Fire, close the gap with Hunter’s Steps, and keep your kite far away. Change into a wolf when the enemy’s health is low and use a powerful mix of powers and basic attacks. If enemies are running away, use Ice or Bloody Retribution on them or Execute to kill them.

In Mobile Legends, mastering Roger means getting the most out of your skills, picking the right battle spell and emblem, and putting together a strong set of things. If you do these easy things, you’ll be in charge of the VTBET fight in no time!